Hi, I'm David Chartier and I am a tech distiller. I run this site and Finer Things in Tech. I also freelance for Macworld, The Mac Observer, and others. Since 2005 I've covered Apple, Microsoft, Google, the tech industry, productivity, and the little things that make all this stuff great. I spent most of my recent writing career at Macworld and Ars Technica, but got my start at The Unofficial Apple Weblog and Download Squad (R.I.P.). Now I write for you here and freelance elsewhere. For a day job I am a Herald for AgileBits, the 1Password folks.


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The things I write here are my own and do not reflect any policies, intentions, or diddley squat about my employers or clients. I do not write or even entertain the notion of sponsored posts.

I do use affiliate link systems on this site and my social profiles, such as VigLink and LinkShare for iTunes content (I would also use Amazon, but it pulled out of Illinois a little while ago) because they're an unobtrusive way to earn part of my living. If I write about and link something you plan to purchase, I invite you to click the link so I make a kickback.

Absolutely no posts are paid, sponsored, or otherwise derived from anything besides my belief that it's something that could interest you.


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