An unordered (and likely incomplete) list of things that happened on Steve Jobs's watch

Sometimes betas are ok, sometimes Apple employees makes mistakes. But there's only one person who could truthfully claim to know what Steve Jobs would or would not have done, and he unfortunately passed away nearly a year ago.

Steve Jobs presided over a whole bunch of things "Steve Jobs would never have shipped." Here are just a few:

  • OS X 10.0 beta, a buggy, slow, significantly incomplete first-foot-forward for Apple's next big chapter
  • First MacBook Air, which was prohibitively expensive and never sold well. Public sightings, a staple of most Apple products, were quite rare until the major 2010 redesign
  • FaceTime for Mac beta
  • The iPhone 4 antenna controversy, which culminated in a surprise Apple press conference in which Steve Jobs had to explain how mobile phone antennas work, remind the world that really smart people work at Apple, and invite the press to tour Apple's mobile phone signals testing facilities. He also offered a free bumper to all iPhone 4 buyers for a limited time
  • iPod HiFi
  • The 500 MHz PowerMac G4 mess, where Apple demoed a 500 MHz machine but downgraded shipping models to slower speeds. Thanks to Bruce Mc in the comments
  • The G4 Cube
  • The Motorola ROKR, thanks to Gdubs in the comments
  • The first 15-inch aluminum PowerBook white spot problem
  • The 2008 iPhone 3G + IPhone OS 2.0 + MobileMe + App Store launch disaster, for which Jobs wrote an internal company criticism and apology
  • Siri released in iOS 5 as a public beta
  • The original iPhone sold for $500 and $600 in 2007. But Apple dropped both prices by $200 just two months after release, then issued all early buyers refunds and store gift cards
  • The FileVault data loss problem introduced in 2003 with OS X Panther
  • A very scratch-able screen on the original iPod nano that resulted in a class-action lawsuit
  • Ping
  • iMovie 08, which made enough users so mad that Apple had to make the previous version, iMovie HD, available for download for free

Bonus list: Things Steve Jobs Didn't Want To Do

Jobs also internally fought against or publicly dismissed at least a handful of Apple's most significant decisions and products, such as:

  • iPod with video
  • iPod for Windows, the move arguably responsible for Apple's resurgence
  • Keep "Macintosh," at the time just a code name, as the actual name for product launch
  • The original iPhone App Store