Facebook Social Readers Are All Collapsing – Buzzfeed

Not surprised. AOL failed at this overreaching idea decades ago, and evidence like this suggests Facebook probably will as well. Unless it loosens its grip a little.

I like Facebook, I like the idea of being able to share some of the things I read and seeing what my other friends read. That’s why you won’t find a website without a Like button these days, and it’s why we can follow friends on Instapaper. But Facebook and publishers stepped over the line when they decided forcing users to install an app just to read an article that is live on the open web was a good idea. They could allow us to click through the link and optionally share the fact that we did so.

They could also just rely on those ubiquitous Like buttons to serve their purpose.

But forced sharing of everything is a bad idea for most types of content, in terms of both personal privacy and information overload. It seems that users may now be telling this directly to Facebook and publishers.