Since you’re asking: I redesigned with the Enfold WordPress theme

Enfold WordPress theme

I’m starting to get questions about which theme I used to redesign so here you go: it’s the Enfold WordPress theme by Kriesi. That’s a ThemeForest affiliate link, by the way; if you pick it up, I’ll get a small kickback towards finishing the construction of my mansion sometime around the year 3012.

I wanted a beautiful, flexible theme that had portfolio and content block features similar to Squarespace, but something I could run on WordPress at my host, WPEngine (affiliate link). Enfold is ready to go out-of-the-box but also incredibly flexible, right down to myriad header and navigation styles. Here comes a bullet list of things you might care about:

  • Layout Builder plugin for drag-and-drop WordPress content in posts and pages
  • responsive (if you want)
  • retina-ready
  • WooCommerce support (I don’t sell anything here yet, but I have some ideas in the oven)
  • lots of beautiful slideshow options
  • WordPress post formats, including links and quotes
  • solid documentation and even video tutorials
  • quick updates (it was WordPress-3.6-ready within a day or two)
  • great support from the theme author

That last one is especially important to me. I’m a Know Enough to be Dangerous type, but I don’t have a PhD in PHP and I’m getting tired of doing the forum and documentation shuffle when WordPress has a case of the mondays. I need support that can step in and help with things, which is a big part of why I pay for WPEngine and premium themes.

There are still a few things I’d like to tweak, but overall I am thoroughly satisfied with Enfold. I think I finally found a design I can stick with for a while. Give Enfold a look.