It’s a members preview weekend, the exhibit opens to the public Oct 14. The LPZ revamped the lion house and built a huge attached outdoor area, complete with zip lines for feeding (!) and lots of observation spaces.

No, we didn’t get to see a zip line breakfast. I don’t think they’ve posted a feeding schedule yet.

I hang out and work quite a bit at The Drawing Room, a lounge/hotel lobby of the Chicago Athletic Association (now, a hotel). As I’ve heard it, the person who bought and renovated the building wanted to do something… unique with the trophy cases in the room.

That means there are trophies for Most Resourceful Sport – Skateboarding, and One-on-One Sumoball, and Animal Revenge: 1st Place – Bear, 2nd Place: Man, and more.

The room is so large and has so much character, it was easy to gloss over these for the first couple months I started coming here, since I usually sit down and get right to work.

If you get the chance, definitely check this place out. It’s amazing.