A painting or drawing of a tree and a figure on a floating cliff

In my efforts to get back to blogging, one thing I want to do here is share more art that I like or find inspiring. I’m scratching some creative itches again, and one of them includes getting back into art with my iPad and Apple Pencil.

I really like this piece. It’s from Bashabez on Mastodon, and it’s called At the Brink.

  • Make my bed in the morning. Once a month. Sometimes
  • Put pants on at least twice a week
  • Look out a window once a day
  • Build a shrine to pizza
  • Read an entire book every single hour I’m not working or sleeping
  • Try to get over my hatred of having to cook food and sharpen weapons in the middle of fights in Monster Hunter World so maybe I can try finishing it
  • Get enraged about something and actually remember what it was three days later
  • Maybe start streaming games because my 11-year-old Ninja-loving nephew told me I could be a good streamer
  • Once or twice a week, go to a gym website’s About page

My friend Jamie Phelps asked me how to get started with Mike Doughty. I grew up on his Soul Coughing band and solo work, so I said challenge accepted.

I created a playlist of studio songs I felt were emblematic of Doughty’s style, quirkiness, and amazingness. It starts with Soul Coughing greats, then launches into his wonderful solo stuff. I’m no music aficionado, so I’m happy to take recommendations for additions and changes.

You can check out my playlist on Apple Music and Spotify.

Sidenote: I don’t use Spotify, but I used SongShift to sync my Apple Music playlist there.