Jessi and I finally got to see The Art of the Brick at the Museum of Science and Industry. It’s over 100 pixelicious LEGO sculptures from lawyer-turned-artist Nathan Sawaya, featuring a mix of recreations of famous paintings to his own unique art that explores shape, light, the human experience, and environmentalism.

He’s huge on art and speaks often about its healing, creative, and transformative nature. It was a stellar exhibit all around, I highly recommend it. Right now, it’s scheduled to leave September this year.


via Reddit

A painting or drawing of a tree and a figure on a floating cliff

In my efforts to get back to blogging, one thing I want to do here is share more art that I like or find inspiring. I’m scratching some creative itches again, and one of them includes getting back into art with my iPad and Apple Pencil.

I really like this piece. It’s from Bashabez on Mastodon, and it’s called At the Brink.